Elīna Vītola

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  1. Apple of my Eye at Islands of Hope, Dole island, Latvia

    Painting series on stray Apple trees of Dole island. Hydrated lime mix with various colorants and binding mediums dates back to at least cave painting and kind of reached its heyday in frescoes. The antibacterial properties and longevity aren’t appreciated only in the realm of painting but also in gardening - the same recipe is used to whitewash fruit trees to protect tree stems from fungi and bacteria. Speculating on the history of pigments I painted the apple trees with casein-lime paint using caput mortuum, yellow ochre and Venetian red pigments, in hopes that it might reveal where I fit in the branched family tree of painting and painters.



    Curated by Madara Peiseniece

    Photogrphy by Elīna Vītola