Elīna Vītola

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  1. LET’S FIND A WAY: OFF-SEASON duo show with Eva Mustonen at KANAL Galerii in Võru, Estonia.

    “Let’s Find A Way” began with a caravan trip that the artists took together on the pastoral landscapes of eastern Europe. The low profitability of art and uncertain prospects had eroded their fortitude over time and making art on the side of families and making money, had reached total absurdity.The precarious lifestyle and low expectations for real estate fed more frustration than inspiration. These bitter thoughts and outlooks sent the artists on a romanticized search for freedom – rented caravan symbolizing their confusing life. Would I really create more art if I had more time? Is an institution-free life even possible?

    The visitors are welcomed by fragments of conversations and pep talks, naive call-to-actions and cookie art, which even when immersed in everyday routines, are trying to create art.

    – “Yes, we’re so going to die on this hill"

    – "Fish rots from the head"

    – "Rivers are nice, lakes are nice, too"

    – "Let’s feed the landscape!"

    – "From here you can see a lot of people who have gardens"

    – "Painting doesn’t really speak to me"

    – "One year of caravan (hopes)"

    – "Off-season (regrets)"

    – "Let’s find a way!”




    Cuarted by Stella Mõttus

    Photography by Mari-Leen Kiipli