Elīna Vītola

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  1. “Melt-up and Meltdown” in 'Rīga Confidential. A compact art fair' at Kim?

    Scented encaustic. Pigment and fragrance cocktailing encapsulated in beeswax.


    Photography by Ansis Starks

  2. “Common issues of Painting and Every-day Life - Landscape” at Kolekcionārs, Rīga, Latvia.

    Series of 5 paintings named after European cities and their districts, painted by historical industrial alkyd paint on canvas.


    Curated by Edijs Eihmanis

    Photography by Elīna Vītola

  3. Common Issues in Painting and Every-day Life – Studio Visit at When the Hunger Starts, Project Space Festival, Berlin, Germany in collaboration with 427 gallery.


    Curated by Kaspars Groševs

    Photography by Ivars Grāvlejs

  4. Painter Elīna Vītola lived in this House

    Series of paintings / RILAK floor paint, dust on canvas

  5. Holding Value at Black Market, KIM? CAC, Riga, Latvia


    Curated by Kaspars Groševs

  6. Common Issues in Painting and Everyday Life – Legs of a Chair at Bikini Zone, Jūrmala City Museum, Jūrmala, Latvia


  7. Common Issues in Painting and Every-day Life – Portrait (What do you represent?)


    Comissioned by Fionn Dobbin

  8. From Play to Knowledge - Candle Swing

    Series of four video stills painted in 3 different sizes


  9. Eight out of Ten Floor Lamps

    Series of eight similar paintings depicting result of a practice of painting the same painting ten times.